Who I am

Paul Wojcik is an award-winning math educator for more than 30 years. Specialties include working with struggling students, coping with math anxiety, and math enrichment programs. As a public-school educator, I am skilled at meeting the needs of a diverse population of students. I have grades 5-9 and 6-12 Florida math certifications, along with gifted student endorsement. I have been a classroom teacher, mathematics curriculum specialist, and a math competition coach for MATHCOUNTS and Mu Alpha Theta. These experiences bring a much-needed content based and personalized approach to allow a student to be successful in the classroom.

What I do

An initial 30-minute consult is free. At that time, the student, parents, and I will work on an individualized plan to address the gaps in their current math education. If a student desires to enrich their classroom experience, we can also devise techniques to become more skilled and confident in mathematics. By taking the grade level assessments below, the student can begin the road to being successful. Schedule a consult below and bring the assessment with you.

Quick Online Assessments

The formative assessments are designed to pinpoint the skills needed for each grade band. Each assessment is short and free, yet each mini-assessment offers a wealth of information.

      Complete one of the problems below.

      Explain how the model could be used to answer the following question: How many stones are needed for the path?


        Sally and Sam are testing out their new potato shooters from their tree houses which are at different heights. The chart to the right shows the time, t, in seconds and height, h, in meters of the potato pieces shot from Sam’s shooter. The time, T, and height, H, of Sally’s potato shooter can be represented by the following equation:

        Use the information provided to answer the following questions:

        Our Testimonials

        most dedicated math teachers

        I have known Paul for twenty-four years, and I taught next door to him at Peirce Middle School in Pennsylvania for eight years.  I believe Paul to be one of the brightest and most dedicated math teachers I have ever met.

        Retired teacher from Pennsylvania

        “trouble with mathematics”

        As a self- proclaimed average student, I had always had trouble with mathematics. From the time I stepped into the public school arena, I hadn’t quite met a teacher that could wrap my mind around the logical left brain skills that I would need in order to master the most basic of math skills. As I grew up in public education, I had a couple of skilled teachers, but no teacher—no matter how much time they put into my individualized education plan could guide me like Paul Wojcik

        Former student now a Teacher in Volusia County

        Former student now a Teacher in Volusia County

        21 years old
        “he gained a critical understanding”

        Mr. Wojcik’s depth of mathematical knowledge, teaching practices, and the Florida Standards is an asset to this profession. As a Formative Assessment Task Developer, he gained a critical understanding of the Florida Standards and willingly shared his knowledge with his peers.

        Teacher from Seminole County Schools

        Teacher from Seminole County Schools

        27 years old
        “I am impressed”

        I am impressed with Mr. Wojcik’s encouragement of his students to not be afraid or disappointed by their mistakes, but rather to learn from them. His instructional approach excites the kids and gets them talking about their thinking and logic behind each problem. It’s through their sharing of ideas and conversation that I’ve seen light bulbs turn on with his students.

        Parent from Tuskawilla MS

        Parent from Tuskawilla MS

        36 years old

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